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Toddlers can begin their journey at Jayakarta Montessori from 18 months of age, with a 3 day/week schedule available to those under the age of 2.  By the age of 2, they will spend 5 full days at school, from Monday – Friday, 8am – 12pm. During this introduction to the school environment, the teacher will build trust with the toddlers and provide individual attention and conversation, as they familiarize themselves with the classroom and materials.

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Toddlers Program 

The Montessori environment is prepared to encourage exploration and interaction, and provide a hands-on approach to their world. From this phase, they will be given opportunities to graduate from self-absorbed play, to doing activities as a group and expressing themselves in the classroom. The group oriented activities include Circle Time with a teacher, Show & Tell, and other plays with other students such as block play, dramatic play, reading, art, puzzles and motor skill exercises, and others.

Social Development

As the toddlers expand their awareness of the wide world around them, one of the most significant developments in their first steps in school life is interaction with other children. Self-centered play gives way to cooperation, sharing and etiquette, which later leads on to team spirit and care for fellow students. Toddlers are given many opportunities to make friendships and form bonds with not only the teacher but all the children in the class.

Motor Skill Development

To aid the toddlers’ advance from the scribbling stage, they are taught to handle materials with a tripod grip in order to prepare for writing. The regular use of puzzles, art materials, scissors, crayons and other Montessori manipulative supplement this development on a regular basis.

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