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The Preschool children, starting from age 3-4 years, will continue with the themes learned in the Toddler group, namely recognition of letter sounds and numbers, and becoming familiar with these as they gain fluency in reading readiness and counting. They will also have more opportunities to interact with each other in group activities such as singing, art, and some games and relays.

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Preschool Program 

The materials presented in this level aim to continue the development of the children’s tripod grip in order to hold a pencil, and other fine motor skills to aid them developing independence such as eating, dressing, and packing themselves.

Social Development

The Sensorial materials help the children discover and learn with all their senses, distinguishing patterns, textures, tastes, smells and sounds. They develop their cognitive sense by matching, sorting, and arranging the materials to represent quantities, various sizes, and colors – all the while increasing their vocabulary and reading or math readiness.

Motor Skill Development

Practical Life activities serve as a preparation for daily living, learning the skills necessary for self-help, hygiene, and independence. Through building motor skills and concentration, these are facilitated with Montessori Materials such as Dressing Frames (lacing, velcro, buttoning), and everyday objects (opening jars, pouring water and sponging spills), and even washing hands and setting up/clearing tables for snacks.


With a clear sequence in each activity, the child learns to achieve each goal in a systematic way, while caring for their surroundings and exercising proper etiquette.

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