Elementary Program

For the 6 year old child, entering into Elementary school poses new challenges and developments. Jayakarta Montessori strives to make this leap a smooth and exciting one which creates a special kind of child – one who loves to learn, who tackles new subjects with enthusiasm, and above all, who is flexible and adaptable. A big question in many parents’ minds is “how well will my child transition into a larger/more mainstream school after JMS?” and this is one we address as best as we can.

The curriculum itself is a hybrid of some of the highest standards available in Indonesian and International academia, including a Singapore math system, Language, Reading and Writing from the American system, and a world-wide based Social Studies system. No special subject is left unturned with the inclusion of many arts projects and musical performances to ensure their creativity remains stimulated.


Through an integration of the Singapore Math system with Montessori materials and concepts, children gain a profound understanding of the concepts such as fractions, decimals, geometry and others, before using this knowledge to tackle computational exercises. The next step is applying these skills to solving word problems, breaking them down one step at a time and using or drawing models to help decide the proper operation and order.

Language Arts

The Language art is composed of 3 main components:
Reading and Comprehension, where children are given selections to read at their level, and asked to describe and answer questions about it.
Grammar and Process Writing, which includes learning proper grammar through lessons and workbook exercises, and putting these to practice in writing pieces such as a personal narrative, descriptive and informative paragraphs, and letters or stories. The process is emphasized, to include brainstorming, drafts, proofreading and publishing.
Spelling and Vocabulary, where the children use a dictionary to learn the meaning and pronunciation of a word, and then use it in sentences, and finally a mastery spelling test at the end of each week.


A year of science covers many topics, including Life Science, Earth Science, Physical Science, and the Human Body.

Special Subjects

To supplement a well-rounded educational experience, there is a wide group of special subjects. To help their creativity, there is many art projects to coincide with the various special events and holidays, as well as music and performances, P.E., Mandarin and Bahasa Indonesia, social studies and map skills, computer and library time.


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