The first Montessori school established in Jakarta began in 1981 as a play group under the name of Srikandi Montessori School and was formed under the guidance of Gloria Kalff. Due to the ever-increasing appeal for Montessori education, the school evolved into a complete primary program, providing education for children from 2 years old through elementary Grade 6. The school changed its name to Jayakarta Montessori School in 1995.

The buildings are architecturally designed and equipped with facilities to meet the Montessori philosophy. The specially prescribed Montessori equipment is imported exclusively from the official worldwide manufacturer, Neinhuis Montessori, Holland.

A Montessori teacher and a classroom assistant staff each classroom. The teachers receive training from an approved Montessori training center. Classroom assistants are selected on the basis of their understanding of the principles of child development and their ability to observe the child. The remainder of the staff include part-time specialist instructors, assistants and administrative staff.

Jayakarta Montessori School is a corresponding member of the American Montessori Society, NYC, New York.

Montessori children are adaptable. Since they have been encouraged to make decisions from an early age, these children are problem-solvers who can make choices and manage their time well. They have also been encouraged to exchange ideas and to discuss their work freely with others.

Good communication skills ease the way in new settings.

Montessori programs, based on self-directed, non-competitive activities, help children develop good self-images and the confidence to face challenges and change.


Hi all,

My name is JC and I am an immigrant to Indonesia where I have lived for the last ten years.  I am blessed with a strong and dynamic wife, Ina and a great daughter, Kaia, now aged eight. Kaia attended Jayakarta Montessori School for six wonderful years.  She started as pre-KG, when she was barely eighteen months old and I'll never forget the first day when, at the suggestion of Ian Kalff, we brought her in for an half day trial. She was in my arms ("gendong" which she still enjoys from time to time even today) and as soon as she saw the other kids in the play area, the brown toy house, the fountain, she wiggled out of my arms the way only a toddler can. Off she was, without a look back to Mom and Dad, on her way to what would be the pinnacle of her formative years.

There are a few things that I would like to share with you, if you are parents considering Jayakarta Montessori School for their children.

The first thing is that for six blessed years, we had a daughter rearing to go to school with great enthusiasm every morning, a kid that complained that summer holidays were too long and couldn't wait to return to school. Of course, all of us have our own different experiences and of course I have also seen (and often tried to pacify) a bawling toddler, tears streaming down her face in the early hours of the morning, just after Mommy left, but when that happens, you can rest assured that either the fabulous Miss Marieze or one of the wonderful KG Assistants will soon have overcome that situation and will turn the most tearful child into the happiest camper.

Which leads me to my second point. JMS doesn't merely school your children, JMS, through the dedication and tireless work of all its teachers, staff and its administrators educates them and the difference is mind-blowing. Along the years, we have had Kaia contribute to our family discussions, more than often starting her sentences by "Miss Tabaquero said..." till in the last years "Miss Juliet tells us" and I cannot remember a single time when what we were trying to accomplish as parents was different from what Miss Marieze, Miss Tabaquero, Miss Juliet had said.  Sure, JMS will teach your child the ABC and how to count, but much more than that, it will teach your child compassion, respect, and the right kind of willful obedience, the kind that is born from "Please, Thank You, Excuse me..." as the hand-written posters will remind you as you walk through the school.

As to the Montessori method, unfortunately, it is widely mistaken for a benevolent pre-school system only, whereas its principle of mutual help and education between students, of learning at each own rhythm, of discovering through experimentation, of sharing one's brand new knowledge, of learning to be independent, of enjoying guided freedom has made its undisputed proof for over a hundred years, starting with special needs children and continuing with unprivileged pupils. In most cases, your child has no special need and is probably not underprivileged.  Just imagine what the method can do for her!

And yet Kaia left JMS after Grade 2 to join a large International school, not so far from here... 

Why did we, her parents, take the decision of transferring her? Well, because along the years, we couldn't convince other parents that JMS is a formidable Grade School and that they should leave their children there.  So year after year the classes became smaller and smaller, till last year, Kaia was studying Grade 2 with only 2 other students, one in Grade 1 and one in Grade 3. Though this virtually amounted to private tuition, our fear was that such a small scale classroom might not prepare Kaia for Social interaction within large groups and the conflicts they inevitably carry... So, after many, many school visits, much discussions, and agonizing self-debates, we enrolled Kaia in a prestigious International School: big, modern, with hundreds of kids, a Cambridge Curriculum, an indoor pool, a gymnasium, all the facilities you are probably looking for... She is now enrolled in one of the three Grade 3 classes of that school and socializes with 20 other pupils in her class (for one teacher...).

This afternoon was the first PTC and let me tell you one thing: after six years in an unassuming school out of a small-ish house near Hero Kemang, where instead of going to a science lab, pupils step outside in the garden to water the plants that they grow to see them mature, Kaia is much more advanced in English, in Maths and in Science than most of her peers. So please believe me when I tell you from first-hand experience that Jayakarta Montessori School may not look prestigious but delivers probably the best available education in Jakarta. 

Do I regret moving Kaia? No; life is made of changes and challenges that one must rise to and Kaia has adapted very well to her new environment, but would she still be in Jayakarta Montessori if ten other pupils would have studied there with her?  You bet!

So as a farewell, and since right now you are probably looking for a Kindergarten for your toddler, please bear in mind that JMS teaches till Grade 6 and that it will be really difficult to find a better school for your child.

I have no affiliation with JMS, this is a free testimonial that I happily wrote and I can be reached for further comment by email at

Best of luck to you, your loved ones and your children.


Praise and recognition must be given when they are due!

For three years we had a feeling that the school our two girls, now aged 7 and 11, attended was not a good fit for our youngest one. In February 2016, we were sure we needed to find a more suitable school for her.

Through some on-line research and a testimony from a parent, that had his kid in the Jayakarta Montessori School for 4 years, we decided to check the school out as an alternative.

Like any change in life, we were not sure if it was the wisest decision to move our daughter to this school, especially because we only had one more school year before ending our assignment in Jakarta and moving back to the USA. Our daughter had already gone through some major adjustment from kindergarten to first grade. Her enthusiasm to go to school was very low and her difficulties in reading and completing her homework in reasonable time were very high.

Eventually we decided to give it a try, and we are so glad we did!

In a few weeks, our daughter seemed like a different kid; her enthusiasm to go to school in the morning was a nice sight, her interest for reading was a nice surprise, and completing homework was no more a daunting task.

We cannot thank the team at Jayakarta Montessori School enough for their amazing job and care for our kid. We wish we had learned about the school sooner.

This testimony is a humble gesture to say THANK YOU, and we hope this can be a reference to parents who are, like we were, wondering if this school is a good environment to develop their kids.

From the Silvestre Family


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